服务 & 正义

Graduation Requirements for 服务

Every high school student is required to complete at least six (6) total hours of service between the beginning of the summer prior to that school year 和 the end of that same school year.  (Of course, we encourage students to do more!)

A 服务 Opportunity is any activity that benefits others who are in need of assistance. They should be opportunities to do significant work. Students may work with different organizations or do repeated work with the same organization throughout the school year, especially as students get older 和 begin to identify their own interests. Consistent participation often leads to more meaningful relationships 和 impacts.

Of the six total hours of service:
  • A maximum of two of the six required hours may involve service to the Priory community.  例如, working in the garden, coaching or working with the Middle School, serving at a fundraiser, or helping with an Open House.  This supports our school community.
  • The remainder must be in service to a marginalized or under-resourced group outside of the Priory community.  This encourages Priory students to step out of their comfort zones 和 foster a relationship of mutuality.
If you are looking for upcoming service opportunities or a list of community partners where students actively serve, you can find that 在这里. Here are some examples of types of 服务 Opportunities:  
  1. 服务
    • Direct 服务 - Students’ service directly affects 和 involves the recipients. The interactions are person-to-person 和 face-to-face, such as tutoring younger children, serving at a non-profit for those experiencing food insecurity or homelessness, or working with elders.  
    • Indirect 服务 - Indirect activities do not provide service to individuals, but benefit the community or environment as a whole. Examples include restoring a wetl和 area, constructing park benches, beach or trail clean-ups, organizing a fundraiser, or sorting food at a Food Bank.
  1. 宣传 - The intent of advocacy is to deepen awareness 和 promote action on an issue of public interest. Related activities include writing letters, sponsoring a town meeting, or creating a Public 服务 Announcement video.    
    • Through exploring the complexities of injustices in our world, students are given the skills to think critically, engage in theological reflection, 和, if they choose, advocate on behalf of those most directly affected by unjust systems.
  1. 慈善机构 - There are opportunities throughout the academic year for our community to share resources with our neighbors. One example is the “Donating for Dignity” event the week before Thanksgiving Break. In a friendly competition with Sacred Heart Atherton we invited all Priory community members to donate a frozen turkey that will be used by St. Anthony’s Padua Dining Room in Menlo Park to serve their clients through the holiday season 和 beyond.

Priory 服务 Graduation Requirement Video Shown in Advisory (10/13/22)

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