Priory has challenged me to view life through a multitude of different lenses. It has taught me about the world, and what a meaningful life means. 之前, 我以为成绩是唯一重要的东西, 但现在, 我更看重人际关系和经历.


International applicants are invited to apply online through Ravenna, 我们的网上入学申请, 或者通过 标准网上申请(SAO)
Applicants for the 2022-2023 school year will be able to  begin their applications starting in September 2022.
所有申请人均为 需要创建一个拉文纳账户 因为录取决定只会通过拉文纳公布.
Applicants who intend to apply through the SAO must create a Ravenna account.
bob综合体育平台下载是由美国授权的.S. Department of Homeland Security to issue Form I-20 documentation for international students seeking an F-1 Student Visa. The Form I-20 is issued following acceptance by the Priory and payment of the Enrollment Deposit. bob综合体育平台下载 supports F-1 Student Visas for students participating in our boarding program only.

bob综合体育平台下载 has entered into an exclusive partnership with Amerigo Education (Amerigo Select) with the purpose of recruiting international students. 我代表学校, Amerigo Education assists with international students' application and prescreening. 


  • 步骤1:创建Ravenna帐户

    自1957年成立以来, the boarding program has been an indelible part of the bob综合体育平台下载 community. 今天,大约有50名学生选择积极参与, 对隐修会寄宿社区有贡献的成员, 由专门的住宿学院指导.

    All applicants must create a Ravenna account in order to navigate through the application season. This requirement includes applicants who apply to our boarding program through the SAO. 要开始,请访问 拉文纳中心 并将bob综合体育平台下载添加到您的仪表盘中. 

    Please check back for information regarding programs we will host to introduce you to the Priory.
  • 第二步:提交英语水平测试成绩

    Applicants to Woodside Priory are expected to be fluent in English and proof of English proficiency is required for all students applying from outside the United States.

    We accept the results of English proficiency from the following organizations:

      • 多邻国英语测试
      • 雅思(学术)
      • 托福网考(2055)

    Applicants whose native language is English and where the primary language of instruction at school is English may be waived from this requirement.
  • Step 3: Vericant Interview (for Mainland Chinese applicants Only)

    bob综合体育平台下载的合作伙伴 VERICANT to assist us with interviewing all applicants from mainland 中国. These interviews are opportunities for applicants to showcase aspects about themselves in a controlled environment.

    对于申请2023年秋季入学的中国大陆学生, 请注册Vericant帐户 直接通过他们的网站完成面试 没有早些时候 2022年8月1日之前.

    We ask that applicants complete their Vericant interview and send their interview report to Priory by January 12, 2023, 我们的申请截止日期.

    Please note that upon completion and receipt of your Vericant interview, mainland Chinese applicants will have completed the interview step (step 4).
  • 第四步:面试

    考虑到我们寄宿项目的规模, boarding applicants will be given an opportunity to meet with a member of the residential faculty and/or admissions team and speak about why Priory's boarding program may be a good fit.

    Applicants must complete and successfully submit all pieces of their admissions application before an interview can be scheduled. Interviews are typically offered from the beginning of January through mid-February.

    *Applicants from Mainland 中国 should plan to submit a Vericant Interview in lieu of a faculty meeting.
  • 第五步:为录取决定做准备

    登机 admissions decisions for Woodside Priory will be published in Ravenna on 3月10日 2023. Initial offers of admission must be accepted (or declined) by families by 3月 24, 2023.  在此期间, admitted students should contact the bob综合体育平台下载 Office should they have any questions about the Priory.

    Students offered a place in the Wait Pool may be considered for admission throughout the spring and summer months. Information for applicants in the wait pool will be provided on 3月 10.



  • 国际学生可以申请走读生吗?

    bob综合体育平台下载 sponsors F-1 Student Visas and issues I-20s to international students who are students in our boarding program only. 

    Priory does not issue Form I-20s or support F-1 Student Visas for students in our day programs (e.g.初中和高中).
  • bob手机体育下载修道院提供寄宿家庭项目吗?

    No, all students requiring a legal authorization to study in the United States (through Form I-20) must be students in our boarding program. (An F-1 student visa is required for entry into the United States to study and issued after successful completion of Form I-20.)
  • 你们的项目有年龄要求吗?

    Students applying for entry into grade 9 must not turn 16 years of age before January 1 of grade 9. (十年级), the student must not turn 17 years of age before January 1 of grade 10, 11年级的时候, the student must not turn 18 years of age before January 1 of grade 11).
  • 你们接受学生年中入学吗?

    Our application process only invites students to apply for the start of our academic year (August intake). We do not accept mid-year transfers for our boarding (or day) program.
  • 学生申请来自哪些国家?

    A western boarding experience is distinctive from other boarding schools on the US eastern seaboard. 近年来, we have had applicants from over 20 countries worldwide including Austria, 保加利亚, 中国, 哥伦比亚, 捷克共和国, 德国, 香港, 匈牙利, 印度, 印尼, 日本, 立陶宛, 墨西哥, 尼日利亚, 巴拿马, 菲律宾, 俄罗斯, 新加坡, 韩国, 西班牙, 瑞士, 泰国, 乌克兰, 和越南.


  • September 5, 2023: Applications available for Fall 2024 on Ravenna or SAO
  • 2024年1月9日:通过SAO或Ravenna提交申请
  • January 20, 2024: TOEFL, IELTS, 多邻国英语测试 results must be received
  • 3月 8, 2024: bob综合体育平台下载 Decisions are released online through your Ravenna account only
  • 2024年3月22日:入学答复截止日期


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